Spa and pool safety laws

Any spa or pool that you have in Victoria must comply with regulations.

To help, here is a guideline:

  • All spas a pools (including inflatable pools), with a depth of 30 cm or more, must be surrounded by a safety barrier (e.g. glass fence)
  • The safety barrier must be at least 1.2 metres high
  • The safety barrier must have a self-closing or self-latching gate
  • It is illegal to prop open your pool or spa gate
  • Any climbable objects must not be near the safety barrier

Are you purchasing a property that has a spa or pool?  Currently, there are three sets of laws that apply to spas or pools built:

  • Before 8 April 1999
  • Between 8 April 1999 and 30 April 2010
  • After 30 April 2010

Are you thinking about installing a spa or pool?

Prior to installing your spa, pool or safety barrier, you must get a building permit that is issued by a registered building surveyor, before works start.  During construction, if the pool contains 30 cm or more water, a safety barrier must surround the spa or pool.

This is a guideline only.  To find out more about spa and pool safety, see Kidsafe Victoria